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Corvette Original Scissor Jack Stand w/ Handle & Hold Down Spring 7-19 1976-1978 -

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Corvette Original Scissor Jack Stand w/ Handle & Hold Down Spring 7-19 1976-1978

Price: $224.97

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Item Number : 3958710SET-1976-015
Brand : Used
Model :
Weight : 1.00 lbs
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For sale is one used scissor jack stand w/ handle and hold down spring.

Date Code: 7-19 (19th week of 1977) (May 9th- May 15th)

For Corvettes 1976-1978

Works for Corvettes 1979-1982

Replacement for Corvettes 1953-1975

  • This is an original scissor jack stand with handle and hold down spring that is in okay condition.

  • The screw has been lightly re-greased, and the scissor jack works good, the motion is good. 

  • *This jack has not been load tested. Please take the necessary precautions when using this jack to lift your Corvette (jack stands, etc).

  • This jack does show wear from use, age and from sitting in storage.

  • It has some scratches on it, and the base of the jack has some scuff marks.

  • There are some minor surface rust/pitting and minor wear marks on the jack, but no damage nor holes from rust.

  • The handle is also in good shape, showing no dents nor bends.

  • There are some wear marks, and surface rust on the handle, but the rubber is in good condition with no cracks or brittleness.

  • Along with this scissor jack and handle is a hold down spring.

  • The spring is in okay condition, it is stretched in the middle a little bit.

  • *The difference between the 1976-1978 and 1979-1982 are the location and style of date code. Also, the blocks for the screws have rounded edges for the 1976-1978 and squared edges for 1979-1982.

This is an okay original replacement for your Corvette's missing scissor jack, please look at the pictures. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Genuine GM Part

Shipping and Insurance Included for the Continental USA!!

(AK, HI, PR and the Territories may be a little extra, please contact us for a shipping quote.)

(All US shipping will be by either FedEx or USPS depending on the part)

International buyers please contact us for a shipping quote before making your purchase.



Corvette Original Scissor Jack Stand w/ Handle & Hold Down Spring 7-19 1976-1978


  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015045_zps3b70eb68.jpg
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  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015050_zpsedb5e690.jpg
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  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015052_zps9114a799.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015053_zps659b4366.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015054_zps4d628f63.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015055_zpsfdf7aca1.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015056_zps4e8d4462.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015057_zps8c8943d4.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015058_zps04374b69.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015059_zps8499110b.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015060_zps48889573.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015061_zps40a7492e.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015062_zpse49a1fbe.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015063_zps30299de9.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015064_zps42a92b6f.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015065_zpsbccf46c2.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015066_zpsb9fd9f06.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015067_zps915476a7.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015068_zps009f00f1.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015069_zps6cd21ae9.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015070_zpsebc46ab8.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015071_zpsf70ab579.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015072_zps51c42cd1.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015073_zps51cdb9b1.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015074_zps3cc58701.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015075_zpsd91e726b.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015076_zps5c9bbbf6.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015077_zps881ccb33.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015078_zps096186a1.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015079_zpsd3dafca2.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015080_zpse6c23a1a.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015081_zps2aa93d9f.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015082_zps37b958ae.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015083_zps0fe4aa99.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015084_zpsbe9d3092.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015085_zps4adb8659.jpg
  •  photo 3958710Set-1976-014amp015086_zps705fcc54.jpg
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